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PRIME Elite is an exclusive forum of leaders in the remodeling industry who recognize the value of sharing thoughts and insights to move their business to the next level of excellence.

The Power of PRIME


"Enough of ‘Would’ve Been’ – Don’t Get Rooked!"
Years ago when we were younger and able to survive playing games until 2AM, only to get up at 6 that morning and work all day, we spent many evenings playing Rook with friends. This was not a digital game we played on our hand-held devices. This was an honest-to-goodness, face-to-face, conversational game played with

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Learn from the best!

Lean Remodeling I & II: Certificate Programs for those who have completed Lean Remodeling I, the Lean Remodeling II program will review your progress and build on your experience to take your processes to the next level of lean performance and potential for efficiency and productivity.

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