Joy is not an easy name to live up to! But I'm told I do a pretty good job.

I truly believe that the best way to grow as an individual is to surround myself with successful people who are always learning and growing, I've developed EBA PRIME by adopting that very principle and have found that by attracting successful people, as a group, everyone learns, everyone grows together.

There is no secret to success. Success is a process!

Hi there, I'm Sara! I'm the Director of Operations for EBA PRIME, and if you think I look like Joy, that's because I do. We're somewhat related.

I started a career in the home improvement industry several years ago when my mom, er, Joy decided she needed a business partner to help sustain the growth of the business. I found myself surrounded by, sharing meals with, and learning from the very best of the best so I decided I'm never leaving!

Success is a lot harder than it looks.