The Power of PRIME

Professional Remodelers iManagement Excellence (PRIME) 
provides an opportunity for an exclusive group of business leaders in the remodeling industry to sit in a closed discussion with design-build, specialty, full-service, insurance restoration, finance and manufacturing experts to discuss topics that are real-time and relevant to today’s remodeling marketplace. These expert representatives include the entrepreneurs, executives, thought leaders, and the innovators who lead the industry to meet the challenges of success and to withstand the rigors of tough times.

Too often, busy executives—just like you—have to make on-the-spot decisions that are driven by emotions (not always your own!) and before all the facts have been gathered and analyzed.

EBA PRIME provides the resources and closed forum with the industry’s top experts for you to sort out the facts, examine the data and make the best decision for your business based on strong business principles coming from hundreds of years of combined, but up-to-the minute and current experience. See your challenge or opportunity from a higher perspective to make the very best decisions…not spur-of-the-moment choices that can cost you so much more than just money!

The Power of PRIME is all about the people who participate.

Nowhere else in the world will you sit in an open discussion with this level of remodeling executives. In addition to fellow members, we also bring in experts from other industries to share their business and leadership knowledge with you. 

If you are successful, your business decisions impact lives. Growth has brought many rewards, but it has not been without cost. Where do you turn when you need help? Who advises you?

EBA PRIME connects you to the people, resources and expertise you need to be successful today and throughout your continued career.
Meet with business owners and executives who, like you, are successful in the remodeling industry and who desire to take their businesses to a higher level of excellence.
* We find the experts, and the leading authorities that will make a difference in your personal growth. 
* Meet with fellow industry leaders from around the country, each with a variety of knowledge and experience.
* Share your successes and bring your challenges to the table to collaborate openly with others who can help you sort through the issues.
EBA PRIME provides a secure environment for you to seek the advice of other experts who have been or are now where you are. Each member brings a variety of experience, knowledge, understanding and practical education that will benefit the individuals in the group—in part and in whole.